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    Uprising: The story of Blaine


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    Uprising: The story of Blaine Empty Uprising: The story of Blaine

    Post by ShadowChaser on Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:32 pm

    Authors notes: Please bear with me here, this is my first fanfiction ever. This story is about Blaine, one of the two characters in my bio. It takes place in the events quite a few years before Halo: Reach, but towards the end will hint on it. I already have three chapters typed up, now comes the part of me proof reading and then transferring them over. All critiques accepted.

    Chapter 1: New Beginnings

    Life was easy enough in New Alexandria, Espoz on the planet of Reach. The wind was brisk, and the air with it was cool in the morning. The town's building glimmered in a pearlescent gold as Reach's sun breached over the horizon. The red Russian maples, brought to the planet many years ago when it was first inhabited, waved in the breeze gently recommending themselves to little children. The which would climb as high as they could and take a nap.

    In one of these trees lived Blaine, the boy with no family. His parents had been killed when the Insurrectionist movements started on Reach, forcing his delivering Mother and Father to move to New Alexandria in it's early stages. His mother had not made it through the deliverance however.

    Blaine's father, a simple generous man, had little time to introduce himself to the child, as he had to rush Blaine to the nearest marine. He fought off the Rebel troops as they attacked New Alexandria. The Marine cared for Blaine on the ride to safety, but had no time to care for a child, because soon he too would have to fight the Insurrection. Blaine was then sent to an orphanage, but would always play rough with the others. He grew tired of his lack of parents, and ran away from the orphanage in an adventure to find his relatives. After five years, now being ten, he gave up on the search, and lived as a pillager. He was a caring soul, and only wished to be cared for.

    He peeked one of his innocent blue eyes open, as the glaring Reachean sun momentarily blinded the child. He fell out of the tree with a pitiful thump. Deciding that he would check out the nearby restaurant, as they usually gave him left-overs that were never dished up the previous night. However, when he entered the door, he was greeted by a young man, and what appeared to be his wife. She had short hair, and a kind face. The man was tall and thin, but had a strong build. She was carrying a Clipboard, while he fiddled with an old corn-cobbed pipe.

    The women smiled at the young boy, before squatting down to his level. Her shining green eyes met with his blue eyes, and he felt a sudden comfort around this couple. She only smiled before saying,

    "Where is your Mommy and Daddy little boy?"

    "They... I don't know Ma'am.!"

    The man shook his head before fiddling with the pipe again, clearly he was in deep thought.

    "Catherine, he is clearly not a good candidate for the project!" Replied the Man.

    "Damn it Jacob! Not in front of him!!!!" She replied sourly.

    "Candidate? Like an adoptee?" The boy questioned excitedly.

    The man glared at the child momentarily before pulling the lady aside.

    "Ms. Halsey, I assure you that this boy is not meeting your specificatio-" The man started before he looked at the innocent kid. "Well, It just wouldn't feel right, sending that child to a future like the Orion program would give him... the child is sweet."

    "Lieutenant Keyes, how sweet of you to think of his well-being, but he has nothing to lose... we can at least give him shelter and food if he is in the program!"

    "May I remind you Doctor that there is a chance this child could DIE!!! " He grasped his mouth, remembering he yelled the statement.

    Blaine looked at the two, before walking over once more, tugging the man's pant leg. The man looked down, before smiling and patting his head.

    "We were talking about the tree over there, and how it is dieing, we thought it appeared to be your home. We will take you in, if you promise to be on your best behavior!" Lt. Jacob Keyes said in a bitter-sweet tone.

    "What is your name little one?" Asked Dr. Halsey.

    "Blaine, Blaine-" he said as he offered a hand.

    "Don't, we only need your first name... Blaine one one five. Welcome to Project Orion!" She said as her, the boy, and Keyes all grabbed hands and walked down the street.

    "Wake up Buttercup! This ain't no time for nappy bye!" Yelled a man with a gruff voice.

    Blaine only turned on his side in the comfy bed, then continued to dream about his parents.

    "I believe you didn't hear me the first time recruit..." Said the man as he pulled out a mega phone.

    "WAKE UP BUTTERCUP!!!!" He blared into the young boy's ear. Being startled by the abrupt awakening, Blaine shook his head and rubbed his ear, he shot a glare at the man.

    "Awww, the little bitty baby's ear got hurt- Grow up maggot! That thing you called a childhood, has just ended. If you've got a problem with me, CPO Mendez, you had better deal with it, now GET MOVING!" He said as his assistant pulled out a cattle prod.

    Blaine hopped off of the floor and scurried along like a mouse escaping from a cat. Heading out the door he saw at least three hundred or so children his age doing hardcore aerobics and exercises. He passed by a young boy who was probably around his height. Following along with the child he could hear the boy say,

    "Ah hello! A Nevum Jorge! Welcome to project Orion. One minute I'm in my favorite tree sleeping away the horrible memories of my parents, and then next I'm here doing exercising! Whats your name?"

    "Blaine! I'm in the same problem as you by the looks!" He exclaimed out loud.

    "Uh-oh, you've gotten CPO Mendez's attention, here he comes now!" Jorge shivered as he continued the intense physical work out.

    Mendez approached the two, before lashing out the cattle prod at Blaine, which shocked him momentarily.

    "This is not down time fresh meat, they don't pay me to have you little snots getting all friendly with each other!! Hell, they ain't even paying me!!! 'We gotta make you tough, the best you can be!' They say, well I won't want to disappoint them" He snarled as he blew the whistle around his neck and walked towards the front of the recruits.

    "Alright you brats, this is where it gets even greater. Your little asses are going to take part in an obstacle course. Here's the catch, I will allow you to assign teams. There will be four teams of four here, the rest of you will take part in a two mile run," He said as all but sixteen of the recruits followed his assistant. " Now in this obstacle course you will climb, run, and race for the bell at the top. There is one rule though, you must work and run as a team, so you must ALL touch the bell in order for it to count. Last team to touch the bell gets no supper tonight, and I heard it was good eating. Meatloaf, Mashed Taters, Gravy, and Hot fudge sundaes!"

    At the sounds of the food, Blaine knew that Jorge would make an excellent choice in this activity. He walked around, when he came across two other boys looking for a couple of teammates. Blaine waved and said,

    "Jorge and I could use a couple of partners, you guys mind helping us out?"

    "Sure, my name is Kurt, and this guy is Fred." said one of the boys.

    The team of four grouped up, and discussed tactics to head up. Before they could finish though, they heard the ding of the bell as a pale white boy slide down the fire house in a smirk.

    "Really funny there John, you got spirit, but you didn't wait for your team, who are still going at it!" The CPO laughed as he watched Sam, Linda, and Kelley all get stuck in one spot. Blaine took this opportunity for his team to run up a different path then John's team. In the distance he could hear John whine,

    "But I WON!"

    "Yes, YOU won, but if Jorge's team makes it to the bell before the rest of yours, your team will LOSE!"

    Blaine and his team helped each other across net platforms, monkey bars, and other such obstacles before ringing the bell.

    "Jorge's team win, go inside and eat your prize! You deserve it!" He said as he pat them all on the back.

    Blaine looked back as he watched John's team walk over to him and get after him. The CPO knelt down to talk to him, but Blaine wasn't going to stay and listen, his stomach grumbled at the thought of fresh food.

    Later that night Blaine approached John's team, who were all groaning in bed from hunger. Blaine held out a plate to them, which he had concealed all night. The plate contained exactly four pieces of meatloaf, some potato, and a little bit of sundae. John sat up and stared at the plate hungrily, before glaring at Blaine.

    "Winners are winners, losers are losers, I lost today, so I do not deserve any of that food."

    "We all are winners today, we survived our first day of training, and deserve to eat. My team saved enough of our food to share with yours, so please take it. I know what it's like to go hungry, believe me." He said as he handed the plate to the boy. The boy looked hungrily at the plate, before silently beckoning the others in his team to eat quietly, the others smiled at Blaine as he walked away.

    Blaine laid in his bunk, when from above Jorge looked down on him and smiled.

    "That was a nice thing you had us do. You are a saint Blaine."

    "Nah, you and I know what it's like to go hungry for a while."

    "We sure do- so, what do you think their training us for?" Asked Jorge.

    "I dunno, but I have a feeling it's going to be a thing larger than we can imagine!" Blaine said as he closed his eyes for some well deserved rest. Life was going to be difficult with this Project Orion, but he wouldn't have it any other way. He silently dreamed about his parents as he nodded off into his dream world.

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    Uprising: The story of Blaine Empty Re: Uprising: The story of Blaine

    Post by ShadowChaser on Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:40 pm

    Chapter 2: Sub level Ten: Guns, Experimental Power Armor, Super Soldiers?

    Blaine woke up with a jolt of pain coursing through his body, he ached all over. His muscles screamed at him with each movement he made; his breathing was rushed, making his chest resist the urge to move. His entire being was covered with a never-ending torture of pain. His eyes hurt, he wouldn't try to open them, and his brain pulsed with agony as he thought about what had happened.

    That was when he remembered Halsey, or Mom as he liked to call her, had placed him on this bed. She had said that it was time for him to face his destiny. 'He would become a Spartan' she had said, saying that he will become the best "they" could make him. He never could quite understand that, his brain was now attempting to calculate all the possible reasons this would have happened.

    However, he realized that this was not a trait he particularly had, he never was a thinker, more of a doer. This was not a smart thing, as it got him kicked out of places frequently when he scavenged around for food as a child. 'Child!' he thought to himself. Of course, he had forgotten entirely about the strenuous training he and Jorge had to go through as children, Halsey advising that these "Trainees" were teens before they were made into Spartans.

    Jorge, his Hungarian friend.

    'Where is the big guy?' Blaine thought to himself. His eyes painfully scanned the room, as he saw John and his mini squad from training. Continuing his visual search, he noticed that he could see things much clearer and farther than before. In the bed across from him was Kurt, and beside him was Fred, but no sign of Jorge! Blaine lifted his head quickly as he searched around for the big guy. He regretted the decision after his spine felt like it was lit on fire.

    "Keres engem, barátom? *Looking for me, Friend?*" said a voice from beside him, "It would be best if you lie down, for the sake of not dropping out." Said Jorge worriedly. Blaine wondered what his friend meant, as he watched two uniformed officers strain to lift a still Spartan out of the room.

    "What the fuck is going on here!!!!!!" Yelled Blaine as he watched them leave.

    "Failed Experiment, looks like you guys aren't invincible after all." Said a man as they left.

    "Ilyen douchebag ..." said Jorge as he bowed his head. "Mom said that few of us would survive, and it held true, along with a great deal of paraplegics and fully disabled men and women who can't ever fight a battle. Truly a sad sight I might say, they are our brothers and sisters."

    "Woah wait, so will we die too?!" Yelled Blaine, his vocal chords screamed in protest.

    "No- now shut up, don't upset the others who are fortunate enough to sleep through this." Said Kurt from the other side of the room.

    Blaine hoped for the others in the room's sake they made it out alright.

    "Yes, Let's sleep now Blaine, I'm very tired, and in extreme pain." Jorge said as he rolled over.

    Blaine took the time to notice how huge everyone in the room was, all of the sixteen year old females and males in the room had the bodies of twenty year old Olympic track stars, minus Sam, Jorge, and Himself, who resembled heavy weight wrestlers with their bulky bodies. Even John faintly reminded Blaine of a wrestler, just not as noticeable as the others.


    "I don't care how long it takes, just make sure it gets done damn it!!!" Said Dr. Halsey to a nearby Marine, "Lets put it this way, if these Spartan's don't get their armor, you face the EXTINCTION of Humanity, do you want to live with that!!!!"

    "But Ma'am, if Humanity is extinct, who will know it was me who caused it in the first place?" Replied the Marine curtly.

    "I know you'll die before me, and don't get me started smart-ass!" She exclaimed. "I need this pelican ready to get us Planet-side... now move it.

    "Aye-aye! All aboard freaks!" Yelled the helmeted pilot.

    The Spartans felt weird wearing the civilian clothes, they were just too big for the stuff. Blaine and his squad, along with John and his all boarded this pelican. The other Spartans loaded into the other pelicans.

    "Permission to speak freely Ma'am" Asked John, who had surprisingly cleaned up his act after training.

    'Must've been the fights with the Insurrectionists.' Blaine thought to himself.

    "Granted John."

    "Where are we heading?" He asked curiously.

    "The name of the Planet is not important, what is- is that you do what you're told down there." She replied.

    "This is Commander Keyes of the UNSC Iroquois, We're taking heavy fire from an unknown source... you must take off now! We'll hold them off."

    The Pelican's engines roared to life as they took off, leaving the docking bay far out of sight. The mysterious assaulter was a purple ship, that resembled that of a pink flatworm. It was firing plasma torpedoes and lancers at the UNSC frigate.

    "That is why you're going downside, you Spartans were trained to fight Insurrection.... however, that ship is a bigger threat than the Insurrectionists can ever be. They call themselves the "Covenant" and appear to be a conglomerate of hostile aliens that wish to eradicate Humanity for the sake of Religious work. They won't stop until they have killed us all, but you Spartan's aren't gonna let them do that- are you Spartans."

    "NO MA'AM!" Yelled the Spartans.


    "-And so my Spartans, this is a demonstration of why the MJOLNIR power armor is not to be used lightly." said Halsey as she turned on a video.

    The video was of a man being fitted into an olive green suit, in the places where there was no armor plating, there was only black space suit underneath. The Marine laughed at the way the armor adapted around him. A man off screen gave the Marine a command,

    "Now Sergeant, I want you to punch your right arm forward to test the speed of the armor." The Sergeant nodded, as the Spartans watched in awe as the man's arm jolted forward at lightning speeds. The man's face turned pale as they heard his arm pop out of socket, and all of his bones break in the process. Some of them grimaced as the man brought his left arm over to nurse the pain, but ended up doing the same to his left arm.

    The man on camera cried out as his bones broke with each movement he made, he fell back in shock, his legs making a sickening crunching noise as the broke. But before the workers could remove the suit from the agonized man, his eyes rolled into his head and he died on the spot. The Spartan's in the room all bowed their heads at the man.

    "Ma'am, will that happen to us?!" Asked Blaine.

    "No one one five... that is what those augmentations did to you earlier last week."

    "When do we get to try 'em" Asked John.

    "How does right now sound John... how about you first?" She asked.

    John moved forward bravely as the men fitted him with the suit.

    "How does it feel?" Asked Sam

    "Really stellar!" Stated John enthusiastically.

    "Me next!" Yelled Sam.

    The Spartans were all fitted with armor, as they were sent out on to a training course with heavily armored Marines and rubber bullets. Their suits tested their capabilities in Agility, Strength, and Mental fitness, before increasing these abilities one hundred fold.

    "I'm gonna like this." Stated Blaine to Jorge. Jorge ran by, ripping a heavy machine gun off of a Warthog scout vehicle, carrying it like it was nothing.

    "This is pretty neat Mom." Said Blaine to Dr. Halsey privately.

    "Glad you like it, you'll be using it as you work for ONI."

    "But Mom, I thought I did already?" he asked.

    "No, you work for Section III of ONI currently, you now work for ONI Section Zero, the part they can't know about. You'll be an example to the rest of the Office."

    "So you're making me a Lone Wolf?"

    "Basically, after the other Spartans are done training here, we re-board the Iroquois, and destroy the Covenant ship. Then we give you a lift to Earth, where you will become ONI's greatest mercenary."

    "What about Jorge Mom?"

    "We've got plans for him."

    Dr. Halsey patted him on the back as he slunk back down to the training grounds solemnly. He approached Jorge, opening a private comm.

    "Halsey's making me ONI's toy- so we won't be seeing each other anymore." He said sadly.

    "That blows, she won't change her mind?" Jorge asked.

    "I'm afraid not." Blaine shook his head.

    "Well, I'll hopefully be seeing ya one of these days." Said Jorge as he offered a hand, which Blaine reluctantly took, bringing Jorge closer for a bro hug. With that they left, and approached the pelican, where Sam, John, Kelly, Fred and Halsey awaited him.
    (John's point of view)

    "Ok Blue team, Time to show these Covies who's boss!" Said John as he, Sam, and Kelly grabbed jet-packs, ejecting themselves from the troop bay into the dark abyss that is space. They accelerated towards the Covenant vessel, Sam carrying his heavy explosive weapons, Kelly with her pistol and Assault Rifle. John reloaded his Assault Rifle, as he watched the old clip float out into space endlessly.

    They waited until the ship fired another shot at the Frigate, lowering it's shields momentarily while they sneaked inside and breached the hull, dragging the Grunts and Jackals on the other-side out.

    The three Spartans entered, as they approached the Bridge they were fortunate to avoid all contact with the aliens they barely learned about. John and the others entered the bridge, throwing a grenade or two in to kill as many as possible, before they all unleashed their entire Assault Rifle clips into the room. Sam took the C20 bomb off of his back, and planted it on the ship's main source of power. He armed it to explode in five minutes, enough time for escape and the lowering of the shields.

    The Spartans ran out the door, only to be met by alien's their height. They had four mandibles instead of mouths, and sported legs that bent in the opposite direction of humans. The dark power armor of theirs glimmered in the Spartan's helmets as they unleashed bolts of plasma from their Plasma rifles onto the Spartans, one of these bolts rushed towards John's chest. Sam saw this and dove in the way, catching the bolt in his mid-section. He groaned in pain as the plasma burned down into his armor, piercing the air lock.

    John mowed down the Elites with his Rifle and Pistol, before approaching his friend.

    "Let's get going Sam!!! It's going to explode in three minutes."

    "No, I'm breached, I won't survive outside of this ship... go on without me."

    John hesitated at first, but then shook his head and said,

    "Spartans don't die..." as he held out a hand.

    "They go missing in action." Sam slapped the glove out of the way. "Now get the hell out of here Spartan.

    John and Kelley silently cried as they jumped out of the hole, through the shield and back into the pelican, that docked in the Iroquois. They watched as the ship started to have mini explosions ripple throughout the hull of the ship before a tremendous fireball of purple and red flames erupted out of the hole. The ship exploded inside of it's own shields, blocking the Iroquois from the concussion, as the ship went super nova.


    "Where's Sam? asked Blaine worriedly. "He is coming right?" John looked at him and shook his head.

    "God damn it...." Said Blaine.

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    Uprising: The story of Blaine Empty Re: Uprising: The story of Blaine

    Post by ShadowChaser on Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:27 pm

    Chapter 3: When life gives you L.E.M.O.N.s....

    On board the Iroquois the Spartan-II’s held a Ranking Ceremony. All of the Spartans there received their own respective rank, where they also honored Sam for his sacrifice. Jorge, Blaine, Kurt and Fred stayed towards the back, watching as their Spartan brothers and sisters all earned their ranks from CPO Mendez, who individually saluted them.

    Eventually Mendez barked to the crowd for Jorge, who walked up to the stage quietly. When he finally reached Mendez, he saluted his supervisor, who in return saluted and said.

    “Congrats Warrant Officer, you will be a nice asset to the Mercenaries of L.E.M.O.N, the League of Engineered Men Ordered No-where.” Said Mendez gruffly.

    “Thank you sir, but what do you mean ‘Ordered No-Where’?” Asked Jorge respectively.

    “It means that you guys go into the target zone, do what you need to do, and get out of there before anybody has the chance to know that you were ever there. In other words you don’t exist.”

    “Understood sir, thank you sir.” Said Jorge as Mendez shook his hand. Jorge turned around and continued back over to Blaine. When Mendez called Blaine up. Blaine walked past Jorge, who silently high-fived him as he continued to walk up to the stage.

    Mendez stared Blaine up and down, his Gray hair and dull eyes meant that he was getting old. Mendez just stared him in the eyes before bringing up a salute, to which Blaine saluted back. The CPO shook his hand as he stated.

    “Congrats Lieutenant Blaine, you will also be a nice addition to L.E.M.O.N, although you won’t be working alongside your friend over their unless ordered too. You have been a great deal of trouble to me over the years, but I am sad to see you go son. Thank you for keeping training from being dull.”

    Blaine saluted Mendez one last time, who returned the salute, before turning around and returning to the back of the room to Jorge.

    “I only have one last announcement, now that you all have your training wheels off, I am being re-assigned to another batch of Spartan’s, such as yourself. With that, I am proud to present your new leader; John!”

    John, the leader of Blue Team, walked up onto the stage, where he saluted Mendez and the rest of the Spartans. Mendez shook his hand and said,

    “Congratulations Chief Petty Officer Master Chief. Now address your Spartans, and lead them to greatness. You’ve got more luck than any other soldier I’ve had the pleasure to know.” Mendez said as he sat next to Halsey in the audience.

    John stood in front of the Spartans as he addressed them.

    “As you all know, Sam sacrificed himself today to ensure our first victory against these ‘Covenant’ as Halsey called them. These ‘Covenant’ are genocidal aliens hell-bent on eradicating Humanity. Well, I promise that while I am still alive and kicking, I will make it my sworn duty to make sure that all of us Spartans make it out of this alive and well. Not another Spartan shall die on the front lines while I am the Leader of this group of fine individuals. So I ask you Spartans, are you ready to Start this Fight!?!”

    “SIR YES SIR!” The Spartans yelled as they stood and saluted him, Halsey couldn’t help but break a tear as she watched all of her soldiers broke the salute at the same time. As John dismissed the Spartans that would be under his command, he called Jorge and Blaine up. Jorge and Blaine said farewell to Fred as he joined the others.

    “You two will be deeply missed by us. I will never forget the kindness you two showed us during those training exercises. Show the Spartan’s good name, and when ONI has finished with you, we will always have a spot on Blue team for you guys. Thank you guys.” Said John as he shook their hands.

    Jorge and Blaine put their helmets on as they used their thumb and index finger to show a smile on their visors, before heading out to the hanger bay for a Prowler Class ONI Stealth vehicle. They climbed inside the side hatch, and entered the cockpit. Which they barely fit into the seats.

    “Not very comfy, is it?” Asked Jorge who looked out the window to see the entire group of Spartans cast them off. Some waved, the others did the Spartan ‘smile’ to them as they took off out of the bay.

    “This is Commander Keyes, Good luck Spartans, and kick some Covenant **** for us! We will see you star-side! Keyes out.” As the transmission closed, they watched as the Iroquois jumped out of the current area back to Reach.

    “Well, time to go and finally see the Human Home-world.” Said Blaine as he pressed a few buttons and set a Slip-space Rupture. He piloted the ship through the worm-hole as he initiated the stealth module on the ship.

    While in Slip-Space, everything out the window looked wacky, colors twisted and mixed each other through the funnel of space and time. Blaine decided to take a nap.

    “Ez Megszakad a szívem.” He said as he too fell asleep.

    “Unsc Prowler, this is Admiral Whitcomb of the Earth Defense grid in Unsc Alamos Revenge hailing you, you must be the Spartans who are with L.E.M.O.N correct?”

    “Aye Admiral Sir, Blaine-115 and Jorge- 052 reporting for duty.” Replied Blaine.

    “Very well, I am sending you co-ordinates to ONI’s headquarters, you are to fly there in Stealth mode, in case Insurrectionists decided to follow you here.”

    “Understood Admiral. Wilco.”

    “Oh, and welcome to Earth Spartans, Whitcomb out.” He said as he cut the line.

    “Friendly, aint he?” Said Jorge, Blaine just nodded.

    When the co-ordinates arrived, Blaine plugged them into the console in front of him, as he flew it down to New Mombasa, Kenya, Africa. The ship flew down, past all of the defensive ships strategically located all around the blue planet.

    Blaine thought that it was funny it resembled Reach, but then remembered that Earth came first in humanity, as his lessons taught him. When the ship landed, the two friends saw a building that resembled a giant Rubix Cube. They landed nearby, as they exited the vehicle and walked across the bridge leading to the facility.

    After going through three levels of extremely high security, Blaine and Jorge finally made it inside of the building’s front doors. There they were greeted by a stereotypical secretary. She ignored them, her face buried in the monitor in front of her. Blaine made a coughing noise, as her face went from calm to irritation.

    “I’m sorry Sir, but unless you have a reservation, I can’t allow you-” She yelled as she looked up, but instantly became quiet when she noticed the Spartans in the doorway.

    “Oh, you guys are the new recruits for L.E.M.O.N, I apologize for the trouble. Jorge-052, you are to go down the elevator to my left and down four floors. Blaine-115, you are to go down the same elevator to the fifth floor. Please don’t hurt me!!!” She said nervously as she dove under the table, smashing her forearm off of the ground. Blaine’s engineered hearing heard as she broke the arm.

    Blaine ran over, taking off his helmet as he lightly helped her up and back into the seat. He looked down at her arm, he could see the bone barely sticking out.

    “Are you O.K? We aren’t going to hurt you, believe me. I can help, but it’s going to hurt a bit.” Blaine asked, she nodded and braced for pain.

    “Ready... three, two, o-” on the count of two, he placed the bone back into position, as she yelled out in pain. She tested her arm by trying to move it, but winced when she did so.

    “You’re going to need a cast for that, but at least it will grow correctly now. I’m really sorry we scared you miss.”

    “Thank you.” she said as she left the building. Blaine put his helmet on, angry that her and Jorge’s engineering scared normal humans like they did. It made him feel like a mutant, and he hated it when people got themselves hurt by attempting to escape the Spartans.

    He nodded his head over to the elevator, and Jorge accompanied him inside of it, the two of them barely fitting. Blaine hit the four button for Jorge, then the five button for himself. A artificial voice said,

    “Welcome to New Mombasa, Kenya, I am the Super-intendent, fourth floor: Hungarian L.E.M.O.N division. Fifth floor: Scottish/American L.E.M.O.N division. Keep it clean, and have a nice day.” It said in a stuffy/nerd like voice.

    “Well, that was officially the creepiest A.I voice I’ve ever heard.” Said Jorge.

    “ Scottish/American division? I’m not Scottish, but my parents were born in America here on Earth, so I assume I’m a Reachian-American.”

    “That and Blaine is a Scottish name, she probably assumed you had that kind of accent, as Jorge tends to be Hungarian, even though I speak Hungarian.” Jorge said as they reached the fourth floor.

    “Fourth floor: Hungarian L.E.M.O.N division.” Said the super-intendent.

    “Ah shut the hell up!!!” Said Blaine.

    “Please keep it clean.” the A.I warned.

    Blaine and Jorge shook hands again as Jorge left the elevator. Blaine watched as Jorge received nasty looks from all around him, but he just kept on walking.

    “Viszlát a legjobb barátom, látni fogjuk egymást újra. *Goodbye best friend, we shall see each other again.*” Said Jorge as the elevator doors closed, going down to the fifth floor, where Blaine would begin his legacy.

    When he reached the bottom, he was greeted by a few Scottish Marines, and a few gruff looking men in matte black suits, with helmets on. On their shoulder was ODST, along with a skull on fire. On the other side it said, ‘Durgin’.

    “Hey look everybody! The freak finally showed up!” Yelled the figure. From behind him approached another figure in the suits. He too had the ODST insignia and the name Durgin on his shoulder.

    “I must apologize for my older brother, he doesn’t- he’s jealous of you Spartans, don’t mind him. My name is Phil, and his is Joshua. Phil and Joshua Durgin, 107th ODST division. Welcome to L.E.M.O.N sir.”
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    Very good! There are certain area's that I think would be stronger with a little bit more detail but otherwise well done. As you know I don't know much about Halo, but I certainly understood what was going on throughout your story so props for that Smile. You should let M. read this, I think she would really like to see how good a writer you are!

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    Thanks sis.

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    Chapter Four: Family

    "Let me show you around the barracks sir." Phil said as he beckoned his brother to follow. Josh just snorted and shook his head as he stood.

    "Right this way," Josh said curtly, "If you're gonna fight with us, you'd better know the team you'll be leading." Josh stated as they walked through the narrow hallway. Blaine scanned the area, keeping track of the many rooms of the barracks. Oddly, there were only five cots in the room, two of which were occupied. The cot on the left was occupied by a big builded soldier, his hair was dark brown and had brown eyes. On his face was stubble, clearly he hadn't shaved in quite a while. Next to him was a picture of a woman and a small boy. The man on his right was a tall man, he had blue eyes and sported a goatee. His hair was black, except for his goatee which was a red-ish brown. Next to him were a few bottles of whiskey, some full, others empty.

    "These two lazy bums are Craig Fabel and Morgan Harlowe, excellent fighters, horrible listeners. Maybe they'll listen to the freak that could snap them in half in a heartbeat eh?" Josh smirked as he left the room.

    "Or an ODST that needs to learn some manners." Said Blaine dryly. Phil chuckled as he patted the Spartan on the back.

    "I don't blame you, he's always been rude when it comes to you Spartans. He was a candidate for the Spartan I program, but had health problems at the time that made it dangerous to even consider. He's just gotten word of a Spartan dying the other day, and is using that to fuel the, 'Spartans are in-human freaks that talk the talk but can't walk the walk.'"

    "I knew that Spartan, he was a good friend of mine from boot camp. Died taking out a Covenant ship from the inside out," Blaine shook his head at the thought, "I'd like to see that brother of yours come even close to that!" Blaine said as he punched the wall, this woke one of the two soldiers in the cots.

    "What the fuck was that!?" Yelled the one on the left.

    "Nothing Craig, it's our new leader Blaine." Said Phil.

    "Woah!" Craig said, "Morgan! Wake up! We've got a Spartan as a Leader now! We're saved!" He said to the man on the right.

    "Oye! What's this yelling about for Christ's sake! Can't a damn Scott get some sleep around here?!" Morgan yelled as he forced himself up.

    "Oh yeah, Morgan's got quite the mouth on hi-"

    "Ah shut the hell up you ninny! Kissing the boss man's arse are we?" He replied angrily. "I can introduce me self!"

    He got up, still half asleep, and walked over to Blaine. He ran straight into the Spartan's chest, smashing his face off of the storage bin on Blaine's suit.

    "God damn it! Watch where yer going you stupid-er- stupid head!" He yelled in drunken rage. Looking up, Morgan lost his tough guy attitude when he remembered that Blaine was a Spartan.

    "You alright?" Blaine asked.

    "Yeah, I'm sorry bout that. Shoulda watched where I was goin. The name is Morgan, Morgan Harlowe, and that in the bed is-"

    "Yeah, Phil here already gave me your names. Oh, and he's not a kiss up, he's giving me a tour of the facility. You guys may know me as the 'Freak', or 'Spartan', but you may call me Blaine. For now, nothing is going on, as you were gentlemen." Blaine said as he saluted them and left the room with Phil.

    "Boy, he be a lot better than Gunny don'tcha think?" Morgan said to Craig.

    "Oh yeah he is. Who knows, maybe we'll be able to leave this team earlier with him around. Maybe then I'll see Kate and David again..." Craig said as he stared at the picture of his family again.

    "Davy just turned five yesterday... I shoulda been there." Craig sobbed as he placed the picture back on the stand with his hands in his face. Morgan reached over and grabbed a bottle of whiskey, offering it to Craig.

    "Aye, it always be helping me when I am down."

    Blaine had heard the entire conversation as he left the room, though they tried their hardest to whisper. He too had a feeling of pain at the mention of Craig's family, he knew what it was like to miss family, though the Spartans were the only ones he'd ever known. He couldn't even remember the parents he had lost in the past.

    "Why does Morgan drink so much? We really don't need an intoxicated soldier on the team." Blaine stated.

    "Oh, it's an... interesting story anyways." Phil replied.
    (Morgan's POV)

    'Why couldn't this mission have been easy?!' Morgan asked himself as the pelican dropship landed in the small town. The Marines jumped out of the troop bay as they scanned the area. Humans gunning others down for the sake of getting back at the UNSC.

    "Damn Insurrectionists!" Yelled Lt. Coldwell. "Fire at will!"

    "But sir! Don't you think we'd be killing innocent civilians in the process?" Morgan asked.

    "I gave you an order soldier! Now do it!" Coldwell yelled as he slapped Morgan on the head.

    Morgan sighed in anger as he reloaded his assault rifle. He aimed carefully, mainly for the people that had guns of their own. Many of the civilians ran from the rebels, but there were some that were killing the rebels. Morgan's squad didn't take the time to pick their targets, and were just spraying anything that moved.

    The rebels finally noticed the UNSC troops cutting their ranks as they all turned and fired on Morgan's squad. The soldiers were forced to take cover on each side of the pelican. The endless fire paused for a few moments as screams of anger rippled through the town. Morgan peeked out of cover to see a man carrying a newborn in one hand, and a pistol in the other running towards the Pelican. Sprinting through the crowd, the man used his pistol to expertly kill any rebels in his way.

    Morgan jumped out of cover as the Insurrectionists turned to fire on the man. He sprayed at all of the rebels while his team sat there in awe. After clearing the area momentarily, the man jogged over to the Pelican.

    "Thank you for the help. My wife.... she had complications during birth. She, she didn't make it." He said quietly.

    Just as he finished explaining, the rebel's reinforcements had arrived firing on the pelican. Lt. Coldwell got in front of the man as the bullets ripped into his armor, blood splattering the man's shirt. The lieutenant dropped his gun as he fell to the ground, limp.

    "We've got to retreat! They have to many units!" Yelled Cpl. Dunham.

    "Then lets go! Get inside sir, we'll escort you!" Said Morgan.

    The man just shook his hand as he handed the child to Morgan.

    "I'm afraid not, my wife died in this town, and I plan to die in this town with her. These rebels will not keep New Alexandria!" The man said as he picked up the lieutenant's assault rifle, while reloading his pistol. "Please, take care of my son Blaine. I love you son."

    "I can't allow that si-"

    "Just do it, my home is here, and I will make it become safe for my son to make his home here!" The man said as he smiled at Morgan. "I know what I'm doing."

    After he had finished speaking he tapped the side of the pelican, the pilot causing it to rise. Morgan held the child as he looked out the open troop bay.

    The man rushed forward, his assault rifle firing in his right hand, the pistol firing on his left. The rebels around him fell as he sprayed his two weapons, them pulling a few good shots off as he fell to his knees. Blood crawling down his wounds and mouth as he coughed for air. The rebels laughed in triumph as they all surrounded him.

    "Not so tough, are ya big guy?" One rebel said as he struck him in the face with his gun's butt.

    The man laughed loudly as the rebels hit him one after the other, before reaching into his coat and pulling out a cigarette, in the process pulling off the pins of the grenades he stole from the marines. He lit the smoke stick as he smiled a blood covered toothy smile.

    "See you fucks in hell." He said as the two grenades detonated, taking the rebels and the man out.

    Morgan shook his head as he watched the fireball float up in the air. A tear was brought to his eye as he looked down to the child in his arms.

    'That man did not have to die, why didn't I do anything to stop him!' Morgan thought to himself as the child reached up and touched his face, grabbing his nose with it's tiny hand. Morgan cried to himself as the child smiled at him.

    When the pelican landed, he held on to the child until the fight for New Alexandria was over. Knowing that a soldier couldn't keep a child with him, he had to hand the child over to the New Alexandrian orphanage.

    "Don't make the same decisions your father did." He said to Blaine as he handed him over.


    "That's why he drinks every day, he couldn't get over the child he gave up, he kept on checking up on that child for years, until the boy left. He was certain the poor lass die-." He was then shushed by Blaine, who walked back into the room with Morgan and Craig. He approached the middle aged soldier, dropped to his knees, and hugged the man.

    "What the hell is wrong with you Spartan?!" The scott yelled.

    Phil walked back into the room, to see Blaine hugging Morgan, that's when a tear came to his eye. He had finally pieced it together. Morgan looked up to him for an explanation. Phil pointed to Blaine, then to the whiskey bottles littering the floor.

    Morgan stared in shock as he returned the hug to the Spartan.

    "I'm safe." Said Blaine. "and you won't have to worry about that anymore."

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    Chapter 5: Call to battle.

    A few days after Blaine discovered the truth about his past, he walked down the halls of ONI HQ smiling as if he had just won the lottery-whatever that was. He was bittersweet about his first mission, he was heading to the briefing room, there he would meet the final member of his team. He was truly hoping that this last person was another Spartan, just to tick off Joshua.

    Strolling down the hall with his helmet on, he was passed by another Spartan. Clad in an emerald green Mjolnir ODST helmet, the Spartan passed by him.

    "Hello." Blaine said as he greeted the Spartan. The Spartan huffed as he looked Blaine up and down. ONI had recently allowed Blaine to change his armor. He now wore a Recon class helmet, the which only ONI personnel were allowed to obtain. He had a EVA plate on his right shoulder, and a Commando plate on his left. On his chest was a cylinder similar to that of Jorge's who requested the same thing on his. Blaine had Grenadier style kneepads. His armor now was Blue primary and Brick red secondary, instead of that ugly old olive the other Spartan II's wore.

    The ODST clad Spartan finished looking over Blaine, and with a hmmph continued to walk down the halls. Either the Spartan was pissed off by another Spartan's presence, or ONI had royally angered him. Blaine frowned and shook his head, remembering his objective.

    Continuing down the hall, he received weird looks, especially from other ODSTs. But he could have cared less what they thought of him. He pulled up his objective marker, which led him to a miniscule briefing room on the right side of the hall. As he attempted to enter the door, his helmet clanged against the top of the door. He grabbed his head in pain as he gritted his teeth.

    He crouched a bit, walking through the door. He found it odd that the room was taller than the door and hallway combined. He looked around the room, the ONI officers gave him unforgiving stares. He realized he was late, only because he had spent the time attempting to make idle conversation with the ODST Spartan.

    "Lt. Blaine -115 ? What do you usually like with your sugar?" Said the head man in an impatient tone.

    "ICE sir." Blaine replied to the callsign.

    "Excellent work Spartan, now sit," Before the man could finish, Blaine had slammed down in a chair. "You have been summoned here because your squad, or team for that matter, will be attacking an Insurrectionist occupied planet. I assume you have heard of it, but for the sake of you being uneducated, we are sending you to Jericho VII."

    "I know of Jericho VII sir." Blaine replied curtly.

    "Well good. Now, your objective is to fly in under their radar, and take out one of the Insurrectionist Leaders. His name is Ahmed Akel. He is one of the Insurrection who planned the fight on Mars, and as such rose to power fairly quickly, and is forcing UNSC civilians to follow the rebel ways, or die."

    "Not a very nice guy, I guess our job is to teach him to play nice with the other kiddies righ-"

    "Wrong, you are not to touch him other than transport him here for questioning. I want to make it clear that you can not let a single Rebel know of your approach to Mars, when you get there you are to be silent and work your way through his office building. No-one can know you are UNSC, this is why we have summoned you here, to introduce you to the newest member of your team." The officer stated.

    "Great sir! Where is he?" Blaine asked.

    A blue-grey light filled the room as an AI appeared in the pedestal in the middle of the room. The figure took up most of the room. His avatar appeared to be a middle aged man, who sported a beard that went down to the middle of his Toga covered chest. The beard appeared to be pushed to the right in a constant 'wind'. In his right hand was a bolt of lightning. In the other appeared to be a tablet of some sort. Covering him was a toga with Greek symbols flowing down it. On his feet were sandals.

    "Salutations mortal. I am Zeus, the Greek God of the Gods. I will be accompanying you on your quest for justice." He said in a regal attitude.

    "Glad to have you with us Ze-"

    The room filled with a deep blood red as Zeus prepared to 'throw' his bolt of lightning.

    "How dare you speak to me mere mortal without my permission!" His voice boomed through the sound proof room.

    "Zeus, we've been over this you are not ACTUALLY the God of the Gods, you are merely based off of him. Besides, Lt. Blaine here is the team leader, and you shall address and work for him as such."

    "How will I be able to carry him sir?" Blaine questioned.

    "Ah yes," The man said as he pulled Zeus from the pedestal and walked behind Blaine. He stuck the card into the back of Blaine's helmet. Blaine felt a sensation of cool metal flowing over him as Zeus joined him in the suit.

    "Pity, I'm stuck in the armor of a peasant, and have to take orders from him too." He stated curtly. "Hopefully Hera's in a better position than this."

    "I can already tell this will be a pain in my ass." Blaine said.

    "I heard that." Zeus said.

    "Good." Blaine replied.

    "Alright Spartan, you have been briefed, get to work. Bring Ahmed here alive and untouched for 'negotiations'." He said as Blaine left the room.

    "I don't care how much you don't like this mission Tyler, but the quicker we do ONI's dirty work, the quicker we can come back and get your equipment fixed." Said a Spartan as Blaine walked by.

    "Hello Spartans." Blaine introduced himself.

    "Ah hello! Are you the last recruit to Kill Team Zulu?" Said the Spartan.

    "Afraid not, I'm a lone wolf Spartan. Names Blaine though." Blaine said as he offered a hand.

    "Names Jacob-RDG, the man next to me is Tyler S-777, and on my other side is Luke-664. Together, and with two other members we make up Kill Team Zulu, where our motto is : Calling Zulu is the best thing to do!" He said excitedly.

    "Catchy. Well, good luck on your mission guys, we need as many Spartans as we can get!" Blaine said as he shook Jacob's hand.

    "Yeah, see you around the halls Blaine."

    "Oh, before I go. Is one of your other members clad in ODST stuff?"

    "No, thats Blade Raptor of Raptor Squad. He's always been pissed off with ONI, should you meet him and he acts huffy around you, it's nothing personal."

    "Glad to know. See you Spartans later."

    "Will do."

    Walking back into the Barracks for L.E.M.O.N Blaine looked at the four ODST's accompanying him on this mission. Joshua, the loud mouth that is jealous of Spartans, good fighter. Phil, Josh's younger brother who shows compassion to all soldiers, strong fighter. Morgan, drunkard who has renounced drinking anymore, excellent soldier. Craig, the man who misses his family more than anything else in the world.

    'This team couldn't have been formed better.' Blaine thought to himself.

    "Alright soldiers, time to load up. We've got Rebels to take care of." Blaine said harshly as he thought of getting sweet revenge.

    "I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!" The prophet of Greed yelled as his chair floated around the cockpit of the Covenant Super Carrier. "First the humans destroy the ' Justice's Light then they defeat us at their agricultural planet, what was it called?"

    "Harvest your righteousness" Anch 'Ibortee stated.

    "Thats right... thank you 'Demon Slayer'"

    "Hierarch, my name is Anch 'Ibortee."

    "I could care less, you will do as I say! Or shall I have Truth, Mercy, and Regret mark you as a Heretic?" He stated rudely.

    "Not necessary." The Elite stated annoyed.

    "Now 'Demon Slayer' we have a mission for you. We have reason to believe there is an artifact on the human planet Jericho VII from the sacred rings. We also believe a team of Demons will be deployed. You are to destroy these demons and receive this artifact."

    "It shall be done." Anch said.

    The Elite Field Marshall walked through the halls of the SuperCarrier down to a Spirit class dropship, where his four Zealot teammates awaited him.

    "The Prophet has ordered us to find an artifact from the sacred rings on a Human planet. If we meet any Demons are down there, I will kill them, you four will kill any humans that I can't take on at the time."

    The Zealots nodded as they loaded into the Spirit, waiting to arrive in active camo above Jericho VII.

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    Chapter 6: Everything is fun and games...

    Blaine felt cramped in the elevator aboard the UNSC Breaking the Ice . It was much smaller compared to ONI's, his only hope was he wouldn't have to do this often. He was on his way down to the armory, there the rest of his team were loading their silenced weaponry and gear.

    This would truly test Blaine's abilities as a Spartan. It was odd, everyone felt safe around him, despite he hadn't been in confrontation within a real Warzone. The simulated one was nothing compared to what he might face withing the next few hours. The elevator reached it's destination, the doors opened and he stepped out, sighing in relief as he stretched.

    The halls were extremely spacious, but that was expected during a Slipspace jump. People were sleeping in cyrotubes during the jump, but his team decided now was the best time to suit up and be prepared for all situations. Entering the armory, he watched as Craig placed his ODST helmet on his head. Morgan walked up behind the now helmeted soldier and gave him a brisk slap on the top.

    "OW!!! Why'd you do that you miserable old bag!"

    "Because you really should be lookin' at which helmet you be placing on top of yer head." The man chuckled as he handed the younger soldier his helmet. Craig shook his head and took it off, chucking it at the old man, who caught it and laughed.

    "You'll have to do better than THAT boyo!" Morgan smiled.

    "Wow you buzzard, that's the first time I've ever seen you smile." Joshua said sarcastically.

    "Watch it you!" Blaine warned.

    "Oooh, I forgot that the old man has the freak as a body guard." Joshua said nastily.

    "I don't need a bloody Spartan to be me body guard, however tis always nice leeway to have a strong man that can pull an ignorant brat like yerself in two with little to no effort." Morgan stated as he placed the helmet on his head.

    "That's enough, all of you!" Blaine's voice boomed.

    The ODST's in the room, except for Joshua, stood and saluted, frightened by Blaine's gruff voice. Blaine returned the salutes, and went to work pulling out a silencer for both his M6 Pistol, and his two M7 SMGs. He also took out stun grenades, perfect for infiltration. He turned on the spot, placing his now prized Recon helmet on his head. He grabbed Joshua by the neck with one hand as he dragged the hot headed boy out of the Armory.

    He slammed the soldier up against the wall just right so both of their visors met.

    "Listen here you! I know you don't like me, and I sure as hell don't like you! I could tolerate it before, but no more! I am your commanding officer now, Spartan or not you WILL do as I say! You will also no longer harass the other members in the squad, or I will splatter you against the wall." Blaine yelled loud enough for the ODST's in the armory to hear. He then faked a punch towards the ODST's gut, but instead punched the wall near his head, denting the metal. Joshua gulped as he nodded his head.

    "Good to hear. Now get your ass back in there! When you guys are done in there I want you to prepare to drop in the SOEIV Pods they have for us! Meanwhile, I will be working with Zeus to trick the rebels and gain us entry into the planet." He said as he booted the ODST back into the armory. He sighed at the fact he was now a hypocrite. He hated making people fear him, but he also couldn't stand the way Joshua was acting.

    Blaine pulled his knife out of the poach on his chest plate, as he sharpened it while walking down the hall to the drop bay. Inside he accessed a terminal, placing Zeus into the slot.

    "I'll see what I can do Spartan." Zeus said as his avatar appeared to be concentrating very hard.

    Blaine looked around at the drop bay. There were at least thirty SOEIV Pods in it, and ODSTs were everywhere. Some of them arm wrestled while others conversed. One of which pointed over to Blaine then burst out laughing with his buddies. Blaine started mock laughing as he angrily walked over. The ODST's eyes widened as the Freight train Spartan stomped over to their location, fleeing the area.

    Nodding his head in triumph, Blaine walked back over to Zeus.

    "Well mortal, I have prepared the message to send the rebels when we arrive. Shall I alert the Bridge?"

    "Affirmative." Blaine said.

    "Processing." Zeus stated "And done."


    "Not a very comfy place is it?" Blaine said to himself as he loaded into the drop pod.

    "Think of a happy place me boy!" Morgan stated as he closed his door.

    "I can't wait to see them after this! Craig said as he too closed his door.

    Blaine's team all closed their doors as they awaited countdown. There were three beeps before the pressure of Blaine's pod were freed from the restraints. Morgan laughed all of a sudden.

    "What is it?" Blaine asked.

    "Change your frequency to Delta!" Morgan chuckled.

    Blaine did as he was told as music started to fill the pod.

    And I'm Free, Free Fallin,
    Yeah I'm Free, Free Fallin!

    All of the men in the team laughed their hearts out as the song by Tom Perry filled their pods on the way down.

    What Blaine wasn't expecting from this otherwise smooth drop was the horrible crash that took place afterwards. He shook his head as he kicked the door open, he pulled his two SMGs out of their slots as he scanned the area. The area around him was almost like a countryside. People were working in the fields, and in the distance was the town they were looking for. Blaine watched as the other soldiers clambered out of their pods and helped him check the area.

    "Congrats Spartan, you're an honorary ODST now." Phil said as Blaine gave them the all clear.

    The soldiers had to look casual, which was hard for Blaine in his odd suit. They looked around, the UNSC civilians of the planet's faces lit up as the troopers walked towards the town.

    "Shhh... If the rebels ask, we don't exist." Blaine said as he walked by them. The civilians wore scared looks on their face as Blaine walked by. They had never seen a Spartan before, and he didn't sound friendly.

    Blaine's sensitive hearing picked up the rustling of a person running through the field. Upon further inspection the fleeing man was carrying a gun! It was a rebel going to sound the alarm!

    Blaine crouched and fired a single silent bullet over towards the man, who fell immediately. Blaine sighed as they continued through the field, silently dispatching all who held weapons. As they drew closer to the town, it had started to become nightfall. They hid behind one of the buildings until the sun disappeared behind the purple and pink sky.

    Looking in his H.U.D, Blaine located the target building. He held up a fist before swiftly opening and closing it as a symbol of move out. They turned around the corner of the building, seeing a oddly clean street. Entering the target building, they watched as the secretary behind the desk panicked.

    "Intruders!" The man attempted to yell as Morgan shot him in the face. The man's eyes rolled into his skull as rebels started bursting into the room, the soldiers all hid behind the desk however. Blaine rose slowly as he aimed his silenced SMGs, he began firing as he swung his arms in a spray. The bullets rippled through the rebels crappy armor as they all fell to the ground dead.

    "BADASS!" Joshua celebrated as they vaulted over the desk again. Ahead of them laid two paths, one to the right, another to the left.

    "Alright Morgan, Phil, and Joshua you go to the left. Craig and I will that the right path. This will make our trip easier, I want you to slip room to room and take out as many as you guys can." The others nodded as the team parted ways. Blaine nodded towards the door they were taking as Craig crept through.

    "Ok, I'll take the left side rooms, you get the right side rooms." Craig said as Blaine agreed.

    Blaine crept the first door open, the men inside stopped in their tracks. The had been sitting there watching T.V in their underwear, drinking beer. Blaine shook his head as he raised the guns in his hands. The men gasped as the silent bullets rippled through them. Blaine placed a pack of C12 underneath the couch. Blaine closed the door, working his way through the hall, doing the same for each room.

    Finishing the last of the hallway off, the duo headed into the next area, which thankfully attached the two separate hallways into a single room with an elevator. They waited for the other group to catch up before taking it up to the top.

    "Good work guys, I hope you all loaded the C12 into every room? That way we can level this place when we get the package." The others nodded as they all reloaded their weapons.

    The elevator came to a stop as the doors opened. The team expertly killed all in the hallway, working room from room to kill any rebels there. After completing one half of the hallway with Craig, his heart sunk as he watched Craig fall to the ground.

    "Nooo." Blaine stated as he went to work checking up on his teammate.

    "C'mon Craig, get up! That baby boy of yours, your wife! You've gotta pull through!" Blaine said as he filled Craig's wound with the nozzle of a Biofoam canister.

    The chemical clogger temporarily filled up the wound. But when Blaine took off Craig's helmet, glazed eyes stared back at him. Blaine shook his head in anger as he gently closed the man's eyes.

    Blaine sneaked back out into the hallway, he shushed his teammates as he hid behind the door leading to the target. He could hear voices from the other side of the door.

    "Yeah, so I heard he liked mudkips, whatever the hell those things are."

    " Dude, are you stupid or something? " They said as they opened the door. Blaine pulled them both out of the way as they walked by him.

    He pushed them to the ground, punching them both with his super soldier strength.

    He stood up, and returned to the room with the others, he cut the power.

    The rebels sent another man out, who entered the darkened room. Blaine had pulled out his knife and lashed out at the doorway. The knife caught the man in the neck as he pulled him in. He made the man's death quick and painless as he snapped his neck immediately. Looking back one more time at the spot he had seen Craig die, he shook in blind rage.

    "HE WAS A FATHER! HE HAD A SON!" Blaine roared as he reloaded his guns. He stormed into the room with the target, they all raised their guns at him as he vaulted over a meeting table. He opened fire on the rebels at his left and right, they fell quickly.

    He dropped his pistol and one SMG as he pulled out his other one and Craig's. He fired at the remaining men as Ahmed sounded the alarm, too bad for him no-one was left in the building.

    Blaine clipped the guns to his hips as he lashed out and grabbed the man by the throat.

    "Ahmed Akel. You are under arrest by the United Nations Space Command for acts of terrorism, treason, and for being an overall bad person." Blaine stated coldly as he harshly head butt the man in his hand.

    "This is Blaine-115, we have received the package, awaiting evac over?"

    "This is Fire-bird, I hear ya Lieutenant. Meet me on the roof with the package. ONI wants your squad to check for unusual activity half a Klick east of your position."

    "Affirmative, Blaine out."

    Finally reaching the roof, Blaine popped a blue smokescreen. His team sat and rested as they held a moment of silence for Craig.

    When the Pelican arrived, the loaded the unconscious rebel into the back, where more ODSTs sat to guard him on the way up.

    Blaine and his crew were given the choice of new weapons to bring with them. Blaine picked out more ammo for his pistol as he took the silencer off. He then replaced his SMG for an Designated Marksman Rifle, new off the line. He smirked as a new clip clicked into position.

    "Lets get moving soldiers!" Blaine said.

    "Sir yes sir!" The ODSTs yelled as they saluted him.

    "Noble Field Marshall, we are set for combat." Iech 'Ohsolee said to Anch 'Ibortee.

    "Excellent work, you brought your family honor." Anch replied as he prepared his dual plasma rifles.

    "The Kig'yar and hunters are in position." Lech 'Amsodee stated.

    "Ghosts are in position, Wraith tanks awaiting standby." Inch 'Ohsulee added.

    "Very good. Get ready to ambush the humans." Anch added as he set to work preparing for battle.

    Walking back out to the field they had sneaked into the town from, Blaine pulled out the detonator for the C12 they had placed. The team turned as they watched the building erupt in red flames as the mushroom shaped cloud appeared in the sky.

    Turning back around they noticed no people were working at the time. In fact, there were a lot more dead bodies that layered the ground.

    "Oh my god... do you think it was Insurrectionists?" Asked Phil.

    "No," Blaine started as he examined a body "Rebels don't leave plasma burns."

    The others stared at him in shock. The Covenant were here, and they meant business.

    The squad continued on, watching for anything to move. Blaine, with his sensitive hearing, heard something whistle as it advanced towards them. Looking up he watched as a blue blob of plasma glimmered in the sky as it began to descend on them.

    He grabbed his ODSTs and dodged out of the way. Joshua being the closest one to the impact site, gasped as his life flashed before his eyes.

    "Thanks Spartan." But before more could be said, shimmering blue and green bolts of plasma raced through the air as it attempted to collide with the team.

    This did not look good for the team constantly moved away from the mortar rounds. The soldiers shot back at the aliens as they moved, some of their bullets colliding with the tiny Grunts. Blaine laughed as he watched them walk away. He quickly opened a comm link with the Frigate above.

    "This is Lt. Blaine! We are under attack by Covenant forces! Requesting immediate assistance!"

    "Request approved, in fact, how does some Spartan II's from Blue team sound?

    "Wait, John, Fred, Linda, and Kelly are coming?"

    "Affirmative, and more."

    "More?!" Blaine said happily.

    "Yeah, we believe that Kyle-001 and Jaime-160 are being deployed to help you guys with the fight. Blue teams have other orders. You will not be seeing them. Oh, and we want you to take two shields from the dead Jackal units after the battle."

    "Understood, Over and out."

    "Glad to hear it!" Morgan said as he took out a ghost with a grenade.

    The ensuing battle resulted in dwindling the Covenant troops fast. Two out of the six ghosts had been wrecked, and the wraith tank burned a purple fire of wreckage, but was still able to fire on the team. Kyle and Jaime had successfully deployed, and fired on the Covenant along with the ODSTs.

    Blaine had ripped the arms off of two jackal units and stored them in his ammo pouch. He fired on the Elites that stood near the Wraith. He successfully popped the shields of one of them, Morgan finished the Elite off with a successful headshot.

    Iech 'Ohsolee fell to the ground with a gurgle.

    "Brother!" Anch 'Ibortee yelled. He gave a war cry as he pulled out his Energy Sword, which sizzled to life.

    He charged towards the nearest demon, assuming it was the one that killed his friend. The green clad human was not going to survive this battle.

    Blaine fired at the remaining Covenant troops, as he watched the apparent leader charge towards the two Spartans attacking the Zealots. Kyle had just finished driving his knife into one of the Zealots, when the Elite held up the glimmering blade of plasma and drove it through the Spartan. Kyle gasped for breath as the blade burnt through flesh and blood. Kyle was tossed aside like a pile of garbage as the Elite turned to Jaime and swung it at him.

    Blaine fired to try and throw off its aim, but the sword still hit it's target, decapitating the Spartan, who was able to pop the Elites shields at the same time. The Elite turned to Blaine, as it started to charge an explosion rippled behind it. The Wraith had been finished by Joshua's loose grenade. The Elite appeared to talk to itself as it scrambled for cover.

    Almost on cue a Covenant dropship flew in from above, taking the remaining troops and disappeared in the dusk.

    "COWARDS! NOTHING BUT BLOODY COWARDS!" Yelled Morgan as he reloaded his assault rifle.

    Blaine jogged over to Joshua, who was inspecting the dead Spartans. Blaine fell to his knees, he had known these two from training, and they had been happier than ever to see him. But he had failed them. Blaine shook his head as he called in for an evac.

    The ODSTs walked up behind him and placed their hands on his back. When the Pelican arrived, everyone piled in as they were transported back into the Ice . They watched as all remaining UNSC Frigates escaped the area, as a Covenant Supercarrier set to work on glassing the occupied Planet.

    This, was the cost of war, but he won't give up.... for Craig.

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