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    ~Rob Lucci~
    ~Rob Lucci~

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    Post by ~Rob Lucci~ on Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:00 pm

    *Currently a W.I.P*

    1: No users under the age of thirteen may join this board.

    2: Try to keep your posts to a respectable length. One-word posts are greatly discouraged, because, especially in replying to fanfictions or in roleplays, very short posts could even be considered as spam because they can be so irrelevant. A sentence *anywhere from 5 to 17 words or so* should be the ideal shortest type of post, in most parts of the board. The staff will kindly remind you to try and increase your post quality if you consistently make one-word posts.

    3: No swearing or vulgar language outside of fanfictions and roleplays, that have a specified warning at the start of the topic in question. If the roleplay or fanfiction has an extreme amount of vulgar language or swearing that is irrelevant to the plot, the staff may ask you to edit it. This forum's max rating is PG/PG-13, and that applies to all possible sections of the board.

    4: No drama or arguing on the board or chatbox. We try to have everyone be around an atmosphere that is stress-free, which means nobody wants to see people arguing in the Chatbox or in topics. Members who purposely try and irritate other members or cause arguments will be dealt with quickly, that sort of thing is not tolerated here.

    5: Every user only needs one account. No matter the reason, you may not create a second account for yourself. Duplicate accounts will be deleted and the original member warned. Repeated offense will lead to suspension.

    6. Romance (INCLUDING SLASH!) is allowed. As always follow the PG/13 guidlines. We are running a semi-mature site here, so if you can't handle that you are welcome to leave and find somewhere else.

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